About syangja.

Syangja District, a part of Gandaki Zone, is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal, a landlocked country of South Asia. The district, with Syangja as its district headquarters, covers an area of 1,164km² and has a population (2001) of 317,320. The other main feature of this district is the Siddhartha Highway named after Gautam Buddha. The highway crosses this district in the east to Sarketari and in the west to the border Palpa district, Lumbini Zone.

Many different ethnicities of people live in this district. The major groups consists of Brahmin, Kshatriya, Gurung, Magar and others. The people are famous for their unique identity. Brahmin and chetri (Kshatriya) are renowned by their representation in the governmental jobs and Indian army respectively. Gurungs and Magars are famous because of their involvement in British Army Gurkhas and Military of India. Wild leopards roam free in less developed areas.

The places of Syangja district that keeps their name in history are Sataoun chandi, Manakamana, Bhirkot durbar, Jaisidanda etc. Jaisidanda is famous for its hold in the politics of Syangja District for a long time.

Waling is a municipality in western Syangja. It is a longitudinal valley along the beautiful Adhikhola river.

Syangja District, a famous district in Nepalese Bureaucracy, has producing intelligent bureaucrats of the country.

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